We did not invent ANC, but we aim at always making it better

Birth of ANC headphones

Since 1910, the year the world saw the first headsets, headsets have empowered people to take the music with them even when they are on the move. Music becomes personal. Over the century, headsets vendors have excelled in delivering quality sound with comfortable and sharp-looking packaging design to please the ears of consumers. However, the accompanying damage to hearing caused by the loud volume needed to combat ambient noise for clean music also prompted the birth of the familiar admonition - “Turn down the volume to your headsets or you may go deaf.” This will not change if we cannot help people to receive clear sound sans the ambient noise at a lower volume. To avert the potential damage to hearing by the headsets, we started our journey of creating quality headsets that do not hurt our hearing project.

The making of good ANC headsets

Best MEMS microphone

We are the expert. We independently develop and mass-produce our single chip MEMS microphone leveraging mature CMOS chip manufacturing technology resulting in the flattest frequency response MEMS microphone of the world.

Dedicated professional Audio development Team

We have been in the Audio market for over ten years.

We have the best academician in Sound Technology as our go-to consultant.

These academicians are from top institutions with decades of experience in the field.

We have a patient board allowing us time to bring Magic Silence to fruition.

We take three years to meticulously tune the manufacturing process to ensure that all mass-produced Magic Silence headsets are endowed with consistent quality.

The birth of Magic Silence Headsets

Stick to the Vichip core value of safety and quality

Despite not being the pioneer in the market, we did what we started out to do - to give the world headsets that reproduce quality sound without the fear of damage to our hearing.

Whisperingly quietness, secure tranquility, pleasant mood and exhilarating feast of music

Magic Silence (Tranquility)

Magic Silence headsets create your own personal theater that shuts the ambient noise out so you can lose yourself in your music. The only companies you have are your heartbeats and your breathing in this magical music theater. Turn on the ANC on the Magic Silence headsets, and take in that music that dances with your soul, anytime, anywhere. No interruption will be forced on you. ANC

Enjoy the magic of calm and safe

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Value of Magic Silence Headsets

Protect your hearing

In a noisy environment, the ANC function of any Magic Silence headsets will shut out 97% of ambient noise, so you do not have to turn up the volume to beat down external noise. Without higher volume, i.e. the higher SPL on your ears, your hearing is protected. In addition, you do not need to raise your voice in your communication. You are creating a whispering context for you and your friends.


Special note: in any high-noise environment, such as outdoors, the Magic Silence headsets filter out only the lower-frequency noise so that the users are still alert to other sounds that may signify danger or demand immediate attention. This is a safety feature that we cannot stress enough.